Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Sonderanfertigungen

Hand-blown glassware in a wide variety of shapes, colors and variations

Glass ball vase diameter 40 cm height 34 cm clear glass hand-blown opening approx. 21 cm

Item: Glass ball vase Color: Clear glass transparent Ball vase clear glass Oberstdorfer Glashütte

Glass ball vase – green-beige-white

Color: green-beige-white multicolored round vase Oberstdorfer Glashütte

Selected products with engraving upon request

Simply store your desired engraving in the product

Bottles & carafes

Colorful glass bottles, anniversary bottles and glass carafes in small and large. Carafes for healthy water with various semi-precious stones.

Vases & glass flowers

Unique hand-blown flower vases as well as flowers and vase accessories for decorating.

Bowls & glass baskets

Glass baskets and glass bowls for your creative & unique table decoration.

XXL drinking vessels

Extra-sized drinking glasses! XXL wine glasses and other glass drinking vessels. XXL vessels to fill and decorate.

Garden decoration

Colorful and clear garden balls (frost-proof) and garden stakes as well as wind chimes.

Decoration to hang

Glass window decorations for hanging such as glass balls and glass figures.

Oil and petroleum lamps

Antique glass oil lamps and glass kerosene lanterns with accessories.

Lamp accessories for oil and petroleum lamps

Lamp accessories and lamps as well as petroleum oil for your glass lamps.

Vesta glass shades

Lamp accessories and lamps as well as petroleum oil for your glass lamps.

Glass cylinders with and without bottom

Unique glass cylinders up to 1 meter high - perfect for combining.

Table culture

Glassware for table decoration as well as vinegar and oil vessels.


Special glassware such as original antique glass, swallowing woodpeckers and Goethe baromethers.

Piggy banks

Looking for a piggy bank? Glass piggy banks in different colors.

Glass animals & glass figures

Animals and figures made of glass in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Antique glass

Bohemian glass, Egermann glass, rare and international glass objects.

Art supplies

For art painting and painting design such as writing and glass runners.

Glasses & Stampers

Drinking glasses, shot glasses and other mouth-blown glasses for your household.

Laboratory glassware

Heat-resistant laboratory glass - mouth-blown in various designs.

Candlesticks & candlesticks

Eye-catching candle holders and candle glasses, in various sizes and colors.

Unique Decorative products from our glassworks

Hand-blown glassware for weddings, anniversaries, celebrations. How about your zodiac sign or profession made of glass?

Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Berufe


Your professional profile immortalized in glass. Occupational glassware and glass decorations.


Glass skiers, winter sports athletes, tennis and more sports related glassware.

Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Sternzeichen

Zodiac sign

Horoscope glassware for your zodiac sign in the shop. Perfect for giving as a gift!

Looking for the perfect gift?

Give your loved ones something special

Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Sonderanfertigungen

custom made

We manufacture your special glassware and glass supplies upon special request!

Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Gravuren


Order selected items directly online with your desired engraving!

Mundgeblasene Glaswaren - Glas-Reparatur

Glass repair

Broken glass? We repair your broken glasses and glass items - just ask!

Contact us, Via WhatsApp - telephone or form



+49 8321 812 724 124​


There is real quality and tradition here! In our online shop you can choose from over 1000 unique and eye-catching glassware such as vases, oil lamps & candlesticks, garden glass balls. We also have a lot on offer for unusual glassware such as antique glass and glass cylinders as well as glass animals and glass piggy banks! Simply browse our online shop for our exceptional hand-blown glassware and special features.

Now new: save your desired engraving for selected glasses directly online!

Our Oberstdorf glassworks delivers your glassware to your home free of charge for orders over €75! You're sure to find what you're looking for in our online shop for glass flower vases, glass garden balls and window decorations. Long-standing tradition and craftsmanship ensure high-quality glassware, all of which is hand-blown in the Czech Republic. We also have interesting gift sets made of glass and offer the option of storing your desired engraving directly online for selected products. 

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