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XXL cognac glass contents 4.5 liters height 24 cm opening approx. 14.5 cm mouth-blown clear glass

Color: Clear glass transparent ball vase, cognac snifter Oberstdorfer Glashütte

Are you looking for an unusual gift idea or unique decorative elements? In our online shop you will find XXL glasses such as wine glasses, cognac snifters and unique oversized beer boots!

The XXL glasses are ideal for special occasions, as a gift or unusual decoration for the garden and living area! Our XXL glasses have a capacity of up to 3 liters and are available in different designs.

For example, our XXL beer boots with a capacity of over 3 liters are ideal for beer fans. It can be decorated or even used for drinking on special occasions.

In addition to our beer boots, we also offer unique XXL cognac snifters and wine glasses. The cognac snifters are particularly suitable as unusual decorations for the home and garden.

All of our oversized glasses are unique and traditionally hand-blown. Our production has been convincing for decades with glass of the best quality!

We will send you the ordered items safely packaged to your specified delivery address. Especially when packing glass, we attach particular importance to the safety of the goods in order to avoid damage during transport.

We can also provide selected products with your desired engraving.