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Are you looking for unusual holiday decorations for Christmas? Our mouth-blown Christmas balls and Easter eggs are the perfect decoration for festive times and brighten up your living space.

Our various decorative items are an absolute eye-catcher. The playful colors and elaborate details of the items will definitely catch the eye of all your visitors.

The decorative elements are available in different designs. All of our items are traditionally handcrafted and produced in Europe.

The holiday decorations in this form are only available at the Oberstdorfer Glashütte! All glass items you order will be securely packaged and sent to your specified delivery address!

Discover the magic of festive occasions with our carefully selected collection at Oberstdorfer Glashütte, specially designed to make your celebratory events unforgettable. Be it weddings, anniversaries, holidays or other special moments, our handcrafted glass products bring sparkle and exclusivity to any gathering.

Each piece in our celebration collection is a work of art, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. From shimmering glass pendants that will bathe your home in a festive glow to hand-blown vases that serve as elegant centerpieces, our selection offers a variety of options to enhance your celebrations.

In addition to their impressive beauty, these products also make ideal gifts that combine style, sophistication and a personal touch. They are testaments to traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs that are valued not only during the festival but also as a lasting reminder of the special occasion.

We invite you to discover the elegance and charm of our celebration collection. Let Oberstdorfer Glashütte inspire you to enhance your celebrations with handcrafted glass products that are as unique as your special moments.